Ekta Real Estate F-NFTs — Bringing real-world assets on-chain

ekta-admin | June 2, 2022

At Ekta’s core is the concept of connecting the physical world (in other words, the world we live in) with the digital world of blockchain. By doing this, our team was able to conceptualize a way of tokenizing real-world assets such as real estate and land, thus taking NFTs and giving them a purpose for everyday people.

For those of you who are still new to the crypto space, here’s a quick intro to NFTs:

  1. NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are digital assets that are verifiably one-of-a-kind. Like snowflakes, no two NFTs are the same.
  2. Similar to other crypto tokens, users can buy and sell NFTs.
  3. Ownership of NFTs are verifiable, as the proof of ownership is stored on the blockchain

The most recent evolution of NFTs has been in the digital art world, where digital assets, turned into NFTs, have become collector’s items.With the emergence of NFTs, the digital blockchain world took another step into the future (even though CryptoKitties and Logan Paul Pokemon cards weren’t exactly what we had envisioned the next generation would inherit from us).

However, if there’s one thing we’ve learned from the blockchain, it’s to always be prepared for new innovations. And that’s exactly what happened when Ekta started to take shape.

How does it work?

Ekta has been collaborating with real-estate developers in Bali, to tokenize their physical, real-world assets and make them more accessible to people around the world. However, due to their one-of-a-kind properties, NFTs can be too costly for all but the wealthiest of users.

To further increase access for all, Ekta has created fractionalized NFTs called F-NFTs (fractionalized non-fungible tokens).

Unlike traditional NFTs that are singular in nature, each F-NFT is broken up into a number of smaller NFTs, making them more affordable and allowing more people access to physical assets.

What are the benefits of owning Ekta Real Estate F-NFTs?

Ekta Real Estate F-NFTs open up a world of possibilities for everyday investors. Users can buy into tokenized real estate at accessible prices, thanks to fractionalized NFTs. In doing so, they can generate passive income through rental returns and the appreciation of property prices, without the high costs typically associated with real estate ownership. In addition, transactions are safe and secure while fees remain low.

Ekta’s collaborations with K-Club and Finns Bali also gives users access to property on the pristine island of Bali. Through Ekta Real Estate, you can enjoy this stunning part of the world at discounted prices.

But it doesn’t stop there. Ekta’s F-NFTs can also represent forests, protected land, or coral reefs — basically anything in the real world. And by tokenizing these natural assets, we get to protect them and help nature heal.

Where can you buy Ekta Real Estate F-NFTs?

To whitelist for Ekta Real Estate NFTs, visit realestate.ekta.io and to learn more about Ekta’s mission and vision, read the whitepaper here whitepaper.ektaworld.io

If you’re interested but still have questions, please feel free to reach out to us at: info@ektaworld.io