About Ekta

Ekta is a Layer 1 blockchain project that connects the physical world with Web3. With its robust infrastructure and ambitious road map, Ekta is developing products that improve people’s lives and positively impact the natural world.

The Ekta Ecosystem simplifies blockchain participation and unlocks real-world financial opportunities. By giving more people access to capital, coaching, networking connections, incubating and accelerating programs, the Ekta team can help drive innovation and economic growth.

With a number of ambitious projects like Ekta Island, Ekta Portal and MetaTrees lined up for 2022, Ekta is set for major growth and global impact.


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Our Mission

Ekta’s mission is to leverage blockchain technology to give the 95% of the world’s population that’s not yet on-chain, streamlined access to Web3. We aim to achieve this goal through products that hold clear utility and real-world value.

Our Vision

Ekta’s vision is to bridge blockchain with the physical world and initiate profit with purpose. By bringing real-world projects and assets on-chain, we aim to take on global issues like socio-economic inequality and climate change.

Our Team

Ekta has 75+ total team members around the world

Ekta Roadmap

Q3 2022

Ekta Portal

Portal NFT Mint

Q1 2023

Ekta NFT Marketplace


Q1 2023

MetaTrees Game

Beta Game Release

Q2 2023

Ekta Real Estate


Q2 2023

Ekta Portal

Hardware Ships

Q2 2023

Ekta Island