Ekta's Technology

Ekta’s powerful blockchain ecosystem simplifies and accelerates Web3 adoption by bridging the blockchain world with the real world.


EktaChain is powered by a Proof-of-Authority (PoA) consensus mechanism that features 16 validation nodes. Validators determine which node wins the process of minting a block. PoA consensus mechanisms offer speed and performance without sacrificing security.

Privacy First

Privacy is one of our primary focal points when it comes to the development of each Ekta project. Explore the Ekta Ecosystem knowing your information is safe and secure.


We built a foundation of platforms and tools to provide cross-chain compatibility for exchange, marketplace, and NFT functions and support. We didn't sell a dream first, we built it, and now we’re sharing it.

EktaScan Explorer

Ekta’s blockchain explorer allows you to navigate your transaction with ease. Get detailed blockchain data and see each action as it happens in real time.

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Trusted and protected by Ekta’s high standards for security, EktaBridge ensures your assets, both digital and physical, stay safe and secure when bridging. Enjoy direct access and improved interoperability with EktaBridge.

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Ekta Readiness

Enjoy simplified access to all things Ekta with Ekta Readiness. Our automated MetaMask functionality ensures an easy set up process allowing you to get ready to enter Ekta's ecosystem with no hassle and no fuss.

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Earn while you sleep with high rewards from Ekta Staking. Our rewards system delivers high APRs across different staking pools. Select your preferred pool and earn with the click of a button.

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