Ekta's Ecosystem

With functions and features like Ekta’s Hybrid Exchange (Hybex), EktaBridge, NFT Marketplace, and the coming Wallet, the Ekta Ecosystem provides projects and partners with all the necessary tools to build and succeed on Ekta’s blockchain mainnet.

Ekta Portal

Plug & Earn your way into Web3

Activated by the Portal NFT, Ekta Portal is a mini PC that rewards you for being an endpoint building block of Ekta’s mainnet, the EktaChain network. Earn passive income while participating in the Web3 revolution.

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NFT Marketplace

Home of Ekta’s NFT projects

The one-stop shop for Ekta NFTs including Ekta Real Estate and Asset NFTs, MetaTrees, and Ekta Island. Ekta NFT projects focus on having utility in the real-world and physical asset-backed value.

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Plant-to-earn blockchain app that offsets carbon

A plant-to-earn app where players make passive income while initiating real world change through physical assets such as trees and verified carbon units (VCU). Whitelist available to Ekta Portal owners.

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Ekta Island

Own a piece of paradise, generate passive income, & elevate your lifestyle

An eco-friendly livable oasis located off the coast of Bali in the upcoming hub of SE Asian luxury yachting. Ekta Island is also the home to the MetaTrees forest & conservation project. Whitelist available to Ekta Portal owners.asset-backed value.

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Ekta Assets

Buy & sell fractional NFTs of real world assets

Quickly, easily, and safely buy and sell fractions of pre-vetted luxury assets from the world’s best brands. From premium real estate to yachts and private jets, earn passive income through profit sharing and other rewards like usage rights, all on EktaChain.

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