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July 2022 — Ekta Monthly Highlights

ekta-admin | August 2, 2022

The year is officially halfway through and yet, things at Ekta are only starting to heat up. This month saw Ekta take one step closer to the Ekta Portal NFT mint date. We also launched our new ambassador program and MetaTrees launched its all-new website.

The Ekta Ambassador Program — Become an Ektarian Community Leader

ekta-admin | July 22, 2022

Join Ekta’s all-new ambassador program and help us bring the real world on-chain

Cryptos & NFTs — New Future Technology or New Fake Trend?

ekta-admin | July 15, 2022

The world we grew up in is not the world we live in now. Some have embraced this dynamism, while others seek to protect the status quo. This is not unique to the world of Web3 but a universal truth, applicable to all markets, industries and fields.

Building Ekta — a blockchain for the people

ekta-admin | July 11, 2022

CEO Berwin Tanco talks about his vision and ambitions for Ekta We turn up a concrete path from the main road, the humid Bali summer flooding the streets and drenching…

June 2022 — Ekta Monthly Highlights

ekta-admin | July 2, 2022

June has been a busy but exciting month for us at Ekta. Thank you for all your support and for sharing your enthusiasm with us — we’re both humbled and…

Is There a Green, Environmentally-Friendly Blockchain?

ekta-admin | June 2, 2022

The word “blockchain” has risen in mainstream awareness over the past several years, in proportion with the increased mentions of cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in news and social media channels. Yet,…

Ekta Donates and Dedicates Resources to Plastic Exchange — Cleaning Bali One Bottle at a Time

ekta-admin | June 2, 2022

Profit with purpose isn’t just a tagline for Ekta, it’s ingrained in the DNA of the blockchain startup that aims to bring the physical world on-chain. Ekta reached a major milestone…

Ekta Real Estate F-NFTs — Bringing real-world assets on-chain

ekta-admin | June 2, 2022

At Ekta’s core is the concept of connecting the physical world (in other words, the world we live in) with the digital world of blockchain. By doing this, our team…

Can NFTs be Sustainable?

ekta-admin | June 2, 2022

Although NFTs have been around since 2014, these blockchain assets only started to gain mainstream adoption in 2021 when celebrities like Stephen Curry and Eminem changed their Twitter profile pictures…

Ekta HYBEX, a new way forward for crypto exchanges

ekta-admin | June 2, 2022

Crypto is here to stay, and with the help of companies like Ekta, digital currencies are quickly gaining mainstream adoption from individual investors to large corporations. This crypto industry boom…

MetaTrees — bringing real-world utility to the play-to-earn gaming world

ekta-admin | June 2, 2022

In 2017, the blockchain world experienced a new way through which crypto could supplement people’s incomes, with the introduction of play-to-earn (P2E) games. The idea that players could earn real-life…

What is Ekta?

ekta-admin | June 2, 2022

Since the company’s launch in 2021, Ekta has proven that it’s determined to make an impact, not just in the world of crypto, but also on the world we live…