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Ekta Portal

Plug & Earn your way into Web3

Introducing EktaChain’s turnkey hardware gateway to Web3. A plug-and-earn node, shipped to your door, that earns you $EKTA 24/7 while the Ekta Portal NFT gives you whitelist access to all future Ekta NFTs. Get your Ekta Portal NFT now and power up your Ekta Portal.

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NFT Marketplace

Home of Ekta’s NFT projects

The one-stop shop for Ekta NFTs including Ekta Real Estate and Asset NFTs, MetaTrees, and Ekta Island. Ekta NFT projects focus on giving you utility in the real-world and physical asset-backed value.

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Plant-to-earn blockchain app that incentivizes reforestation

Earn passive income, have fun and initiate real-world change through assets tied to NFTs such as trees and verified carbon units (VCU). Whitelist available to Ekta Portal owners.

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Ekta Real Estate

Driving the Web3 Real Estate revolution

Ekta Real Estate Marketplace empowers real estate developers to access liquidity immediately from a global audience, and buyers to transact with lower barriers, fees and friction.

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Ekta Real Estate

Ekta Roadmap

Q1 2023

Ekta Portal


Q2 2023

Ekta Real Estate


Q3 2023

NFT Marketplace


Q3 2023

Ekta Portal

Node Program

Q4 2023

MetaTrees Game

Beta Game Release

Q4 2023

Ekta Island

NFT Offering

Ekta News

July 2022 — Ekta Monthly Highlights

ekta-admin | August 2, 2022

The year is officially halfway through and yet, things at Ekta are only starting to heat up. This month saw Ekta take one step closer to the Ekta Portal NFT mint date. We also launched our new ambassador program and MetaTrees launched its all-new website.

The Ekta Ambassador Program — Become an Ektarian Community Leader

ekta-admin | July 22, 2022

Join Ekta’s all-new ambassador program and help us bring the real world on-chain

Cryptos & NFTs — New Future Technology or New Fake Trend?

ekta-admin | July 15, 2022

The world we grew up in is not the world we live in now. Some have embraced this dynamism, while others seek to protect the status quo. This is not unique to the world of Web3 but a universal truth, applicable to all markets, industries and fields.

Building Ekta — a blockchain for the people

ekta-admin | July 11, 2022

CEO Berwin Tanco talks about his vision and ambitions for Ekta We turn up a concrete path from the main road, the humid Bali summer flooding the streets and drenching…


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