What is Ekta?

ekta-admin | June 2, 2022

Since the company’s launch in 2021, Ekta has proven that it’s determined to make an impact, not just in the world of crypto, but also on the world we live in. What else can you expect from a company that offers 18% APR on their two month staking pools? Just in case you missed it, the new staking pool just opened, so stake here and don’t miss out!

With the company’s consistent growth and high-performing token, many have started to ask, “What exactly is Ekta?”

In this article, we aim to give you a comprehensive overview of who and what the company is along with its long-term goals and ambitions.

What is Ekta’s origin story?

Ekta is headquartered in Bali, Indonesia. It’s here that the founding team first met and realized that they all share a common goal; to use blockchain technology as a means to disrupt the prevailing financial and governing systems, unlocking financial opportunities for everyday people, everywhere.

They all believed that today’s centralized institutions and systems of governance are beleaguered and inefficient. It was clear to the whole team that outdated economic policies have led to the mismanagement and depletion of natural resources while prolonging the cycle of unemployment, debt and poverty.

Together, the Ekta founders began to create a vision of a world where blockchain technology is used to give everyone a chance to live a better life. In order to do this, the team would have to use the power of blockchain to create a new and transparent ecosystem where people from different backgrounds and socio-economic circumstances could participate freely, without the barriers and inefficiencies introduced by centralized governing bodies.

The mission? To leverage blockchain technology to give the 95% of the world’s population that’s not yet on-chain, streamlined access to Web3. The founders know that to achieve this goal, Ekta would have to develop and back products that hold clear utility and real-world value.

The vision? To bridge blockchain with the physical world and initiate profit with purpose. By bringing real-world projects and assets on-chain, Ekta aims to take on global issues like socio-economic inequality and climate change.

How does Ekta aim to achieve these goals?

Ekta connects the real world with blockchain by bringing physical assets to the digital world. One factor that sets Ekta apart, is the fact that it’s more than just a coin; it’s a comprehensive blockchain ecosystem.

The Ekta Ecosystem simplifies blockchain participation and unlocks real-world financial opportunities. By giving more people access to capital, coaching, networking connections, incubating and accelerating programs, the Ekta team can help drive innovation and economic growth. The ecosystem is designed to facilitate the tokenization of real-world assets such as real estate, making it available to more people across the globe.

By developing and launching the Ekta Ecosystem’s infrastructure, Ekta is able to create a wide-range set of platforms and projects where users can buy, sell, and trade digital assets with real-world utility. This includes:

  • Ekta Staking DApp (December 2021)
    The Ekta Staking DApp is Ekta’s reward system for early adopters. Stakers provide liquidity and stability to the entire Ekta Ecosystem. The DApp offers a number of staking pools with different terms and APRs. To get in on our newest staking pool offering an 18% APR, check out staking.ekta.io.
  • EktaChain mainnet (January 2022)
    EktaChain is based on Hyperledger Besu with 16 nodes and can execute at up to 400 transactions per second (TPS). The number of nodes and TPS will continue to increase as EktaChain develops. The mainnet also features EktaScan, Ekta’s blockchain explorer, that allows users to view all block transactions on EktaChain.
  • EktaBridge (February 2022)
    EktaBridge is the superhighway between EktaChain and other mainnets, allowing cross-chain interoperability. Users can bridge from the Ethereum Network and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) into EktaChain along with submitting requests for new networks to support through bridge.ekta.io. EktaBridge is the ideal tool for users and developers to move assets back and forth.
  • Ekta Portal (coming soon)
    The Ekta Portal’s intuitive plug-and-earn design simplifies Web3 adoption for the crypto savvy and crypto curious. The device serves as RPC endpoints that communicate and confirm activities on the EktaChain network, allowing users to earn $EKTA for their service.
  • Ekta Island (coming soon)
    Ekta Island is the physical hub for all Ekta-related projects. Here, on the pristine shores of the Indian Ocean off the coast of Bali, Ekta Island NFT holders can invest in fully managed beachfront real estate, and enjoy luxury amenities including 5-star dining, wellness, outdoor activities, yacht marina, beach club, nightlife, and more. The Island will also serve as the hosting ground for incubating and accelerating programs, networking events, reforestation initiatives, and other innovative projects.
  • Ekta Real Estate (open for whitelisting)
    Ekta makes real-world assets such as properties more accessible to everyday people, digital nomads and entrepreneurs. By utilizing cutting-edge developments in blockchain technology such as fractional NFTs (F-NFTs), Ekta can tokenize physical properties into F-NFTs, reducing the barrier of entry and unlocking more financial opportunities for people across the globe.
  • MetaTrees (coming soon)
    MetaTrees is a blockchain game world and the first sub-verse of the EktaVerse. MetaTrees aims to incentivise environmental protection through tokenization and gamification. By utilizing the play-to-earn model, users can earn digital assets while at the same time helping to protect the natural world. Click here to learn more about MetaTrees.
  • Ekta HYBEX exchange (coming soon)
    Ekta’s hybrid exchange named HYBEX combines the best features from DEXs and CEXs. With HYBEX, users provide liquidity while the platform also implements transactional anonymity and non-custodial wallets associated with DEXs. Additionally, HYBEX facilitates credit card purchases while also implementing KYB for users starting liquidity pools and KYC for orders and swaps above a certain threshold. Other highlight features include Chainlink price feed integration, fast order book fulfillment, low transaction fees, and cross-chain compatibility.
  • Ekta NFT Marketplace (coming soon)
    The Ekta NFT Marketplace is dedicated to the creation and issuance of physical asset backed NFTs. The marketplace allows NFT creators and owners of physical assets to digitally connect with consumers and brands. The platform also enables NFT creators and collectors to interact and share exclusive content.

This is only a small glimpse of the overall Ekta Ecosystem so expect to see more groundbreaking projects launching on the platform.

Final thoughts

With Q3 around the corner, Ekta has made major strides towards laying the foundations of the promising future the founders first envisioned. With every new project launch, every update, and every partnership, Ekta is building towards a world where everyone has the opportunity to create a better life for themselves and achieve financial freedom.