Ekta to Bridge Physical World with Blockchain, How Investors Will Receive 431% APY at IDO

ekta-admin | June 2, 2022

Ekta is one of the most unique projects in the crypto space. It has been created as a bridge that can finally bring together real-world assets with the blockchain. Therefore, integrating traditional finances and industries with assets supported by this digital technology.

Ekta will allow assets to be represented in its ecosystem and have value. Thus, increasing its adoption, accessibility and opening its market to more participants. The project has been funded under the principles of unity, identity, and integrity, with the vision to connect “profit with purpose”.

The ecosystem supported by this blockchain will be focused on sustainability and improving people’s everyday lives. In that sense, it will roll out several solutions such as a native NFT platform and marketplace, a decentralized exchange (DEX), a decentralized lending solution, and more.

The NFT cross-platform will operate as a trading and exchange venue for these digital assets. Therefore, NFTs creators, owners, and future investors will be able to trade tokenized versions of physical assets and leverage their value on top of a blockchain.

The NFTs that will be available on this platform will represent ownership, total or fractional, of a physical asset, such as real estate, a right to use a property, a piece of a beach frontage. Ekta will allow its users to tokenize this and more assets, ranging from utilities to properties located around the globe.

This functionality has the potential to support multiple use cases that will have a real impact on the physical world. For example, an environmental organization could own the tokenized rights of land to protect it from non-sustainable activities or to launch an offsetting carbon emission initiative. The possibilities are vast.