Ekta Real Estate

Ekta’s Fractional NFT Real Estate Ownership Platform

Buy and sell fractions of premium real estate assets around the world and earn high ROI from rental income, staying rights, staking, price appreciation, and more. Sell your fractional ownership at a higher valuation if the market is strong, or consistently earn rental income by holding on to it. All this is made possible through the power of fractionalized NFTs (F-NFTs) on EktaChain.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How do F-NFTs work?
Ekta Real Estate F-NFTs allow investors to buy a specific real-world property in increments (“units”) as little as $250. The more units you own, the more rental income you earn, and the more rewards such as staying rights you gain access to.
2How does Ekta Real Estate F-NFTs select the assets it lists?
We select properties in markets with strong tourism and high occupancy rates on nightly rentals, much like an Airbnb business operator would. While Ekta is headquartered in Bali, one of the top tourist destinations in the world, we are expanding into new high value markets across the globe.
3Do investors legally own the real-world asset?
Due to regulatory and compliance measures, Ekta Real Estate will be offering all properties on a long-term leasehold basis, such as 30 or 50 years. Investors will own their percentage of the long-term lease and may sell their ownership of the lease in the Ekta NFT Marketplace at any time.
4How is rental income calculated?
Net rental income is split proportionally to all owners of the property. Neither Ekta nor the property developer make any profit margin on rental income, and investors share of the distribution is not diluted. Rental income is paid monthly via the Ekta Real Estate DApp, and can be claimed in stable coin or $EKTA (with a bonus for using $EKTA).
5How is price appreciation calculated?
Ekta believes in the power of the free market, and for this reason, the market will dictate the price of the assets. Owners may price their units for sale at any time, at any price, while interested buyers can browse offers and purchase units at their discretion.
6How do I earn staying rights?
It may vary from property to property, but as a general rule of thumb, we strive to make investors who own at least 1% of a property eligible for staying rights. The more units you own, the more free nights you earn.
7What about new build (“off plan”) developments that have not finished construction yet?

As an added bonus for investors in new build/off plan properties, investors will be able to stake their investment for a 25% APR until the property is completed and available for rental.

8Are staying rights (free nights) transferable?
Yes, the owner of the free nights may choose any name to make a reservation.
9How are the properties vetted?
Ekta only works with established, world class developers who have long public track records of success. In addition, all properties are professionally inspected, appraised, and verified to be compliant with government standards.
10Will financial reports be available?
Financial reports and forecasts for every property will be available to view anytime by clicking on the “download reports” button on the property page.
11Who manages the property?
Every property is professionally managed from end to end, including maintenance, management, marketing, booking, guest relations, utilities, etc. The ROI forecast takes all expenses into account.

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