Ekta Assets

NFTs backed by real world assets and utility is what’s next in the industry. Ekta enables you to tap into fractional investment opportunities into physical assets that offer benefits like profit sharing and usage rights. We’ve done all the due diligence so all you need to do is choose your investment.

Ekta Real Estate

Ekta Real Estate makes real estate investment easy, fast, and secure to buyers and sellers around the world. Invest today and earn dividends, APY yields, rental income, property value appreciation, and other rewards — in addition to access to world-class facilities.

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Ekta Jets

From booking chartered flights, curating tailored flying experiences, to taking pilot lessons, Ekta Jets offers premium adventures in the sky through NFTs. Coming soon to EktaChain.

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Ekta Yachts

By working with partners in the yachting industry and utilizing our marina license on Ekta Island, Ekta Yachts offers NFTs that lets you join a lifestyle community and returns benefits through profit sharing and usage rights. Coming soon to EktaChain.

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